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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 22, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute violation of trust. a four-year-old sexually assaulted. >> it is alarming to me that something like that would happen here. >> the surprising suspect that police are after. the showdown over guns and jobs. and 7 on your side goes after answers. >> this interview is over. let's go. now.
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>> the story that got this bold response. from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 breaking news. tonight isaking news out of south washington, where police are looking for a man snatching his daughter. this man took the 15-month-old from the mother inside the southern avenue metro station. if you have any information on his whereabouts, you are asked to contact metro transit police. also we are following breaking news from northeast washington. a juvenile male and adult female were stabbed in the 200 block of adams street. suspect is not yet in custody at this hour. stay with abc 7 and we will have updates on this breaking news. and now, horrific accusations tonight against a 12-year-old boy. he is accused of sexually
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assaulting a boy less than half his age at a popular creation center. tonight, the community is on edge and police need your help finding the boy accused of these crimes. decor is live in our newsroom tonight. how did this happen? >> it is difficult for police due to the ages of the children involved and the allegations, but to answer your question, this little boy, according to authorities, told relatives after the alleged incident that evening. police say a four-year-old boy told his parents when he was inside the capital clubhouse recreation center, a boy between 10 and 12 years old molested him. >> it is really sad. i cannot imagine that happening to my kids. >> the capital clubhouse is a large sports facility that houses everything from a gym to
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a hockey rink to an arcade. >> my girls come here to ice skate and i wait in the lobby for them. noteople i spoke with are concerned about where it happened, but how it could have happened. >> to even approach him in that kind of way, that would be my first thought. turns to whatt stuff is going on. i could not leave my four-year-old unattended in that kind of manner. mind, at this hour, we do not know who the suspect is. police are seeking the public's help to identify that suspect. >> thank you very much. having me now in prince george's county, police are investigating what led to a crash that killed one person and sent another to the hospital. happened in fort washington
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late this afternoon. one person was pronounced dead at the scene. his name has not been released. the second victim's injuries are not life-threatening. a law cracking down on guns in maryland is costing the state more than 150 jobs. today, beretta announced it is ceasing manufacturing operations in prince george's county and moving to tennessee. tom, what is the feeling out there about this? >> a lot of folks are not happy about this. beretta's american headquarters has been here for a long time. residents would love all the manufacturing jobs to stay here. instead, every last one of them is going to be moved to tennessee next year. b and j barbecue has been here for decades. >> it is a shame. the manager says this will
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cost him customers. in a small town like this, losing 160 jobs is a big blow to the economy. to take a big hit. i am not looking forward to it. it is a sad day. >> they say they will no longer make guns because of gun controls. last year, as maryland lawmakers debated a gun bill, one version etta frome banned ber making guns. although the final bill allowed them to remain, they stated -- say that i blame the ruling. the product that they are making cannot really even be sold in the state. >> i have mixed feelings on the gun-control laws. i am sad to see the jobs go. >> at a statement, governor martin o'malley said --
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beretta is actually based out of italy. as i mentioned, this is the american headquarters. the company said the administrative jobs here will stay in prince george's county. just all of the manufacturing jobs will be heading to tennessee. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, developing news tonight out of montgomery county, where police are investigating an officer-involved shooting. police were called to the capital one bank after a man inside started acting strangely. police tell us the man did not listen to officer's instructions and had a knife read he was shot and killed by police. the officers involved are on routine paid administrative leave. he will return to the weather now. believe it or not, even hotter and more humid weather on the way for tomorrow.
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the potential for some storms. steve rudin is here to let us know what to expect and when. >> tomorrow will definitely be the hottest of the next few days. looking at temperatures outside the belfort furniture weather center, 75 degrees in dulles, the same in gaithersburg. a few showers popped up west of d.c. most of those have now fizzled out. the exception, a little bit of patchy fog. we will talk about what to expect for the next seven days and the timing for those thunderstorms. >> we will see you then. questions tonight about what happened inside this house and why it went on for so long. john and janice are accused of forcing their twin sons, who are autistic, to live in deplorable conditions in the basement. relatives are fighting back, disputing the reported dungeon-like conditions and they
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say that the lands are innocent. >> we have learned tonight that the montgomery county police say they have answered calls to this home several times over the years and have served multiple search warrants and over the years, social workers are coming and going. how did this alleged abuse go undetected for so long? it was while carrying out an early warning search -- early-morning search warrant that police made the shocking discovery. two 22-year-old twin brothers with autism padlocked in the basement every night for six years in deplorable conditions. how did it go unnoticed? >> it does not appear that police miss anything. this was just not going on at the time. >> police arrested the parents, charging them with abuse. their grandfather deny the allegations.
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>> he says it was a large, vacant room, not a dungeon. according to court documents, it was empty because the mother said she had thrown all of the furniture out because of the smell of urine. the grandfather says the parents were trying to protect the young man. an explanation police said defies logic. >> stop and think about that for a moment. does that think about a reasonable solution? room intwo adults in a those conditions at any point? >> according to online court documents, the county was granted temporary guardianship of the twins. the parents' next court date --
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>> senior u.s. intelligence officials say there is no evidence that russia shot down delays airlines flight 17. however, the same officials say moscow created conditions that led to the crash. officials pointed to intercept and imaging by pro-russian separatists. they claim the fighters brought down the plane using a missile. today, president obama signed a condolence book at the dutch embassy. >> on behalf of all the american ,eople, our deepest condolences to express our solidarity with .he people of the netherlands we have been friends for centuries. >> most of the passengers were from the netherlands. the body will arrive in amsterdam tomorrow. israel putting pressure on the
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u.s. now. to faa suspended all flights an airport in tel aviv for 24 hours. airlines in europe and canada followed suit after a rocket fired from gaza exploded near the airport. israel insists the main airport is safe and prime minister that yahoo! called sequeira -- secretary of state john kerry in hopes of lifting that ban. he said the ministration would not overrule the faa on a safety matter. catching the eye of 7 on your side. >> this interview is over. let's go. now. >> the fireworks coming up next. and a new recall tied to ignition switches.
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>> seven is on your side tonight after complaints from several people out thousands of dollars read -- thousands of dollars. chris investigated and here is what you found. >> this interview is over. now. >> i am trying to set the record straight to clear up why these things happen. >> we were trying to ask eric hoss about complaints about his deck resurfacing company deck daddy. the woman is his lawyer, who set up our meeting and is now desperately trying to end it. >> i need to talk to you. come on. >> this started in april. he hired deck daddy to resurface it but says the work was subpar. and he said deck daddy overcharged him. >> they had a check for the balance and put the full balance on my credit card as well as cashing the check.
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a widowed mother of three says the work she paid for never got done. a 1700 downave them payment. they marked his boards with white paint and never returned. he hired the company after visiting their website. do not believe the logo or the claim they have an a+. >> they are not accredited. they have an f rating with us. it cannot get any worse than that. >> let's go. i need to talk to you right now. >> it is a very simple question to answer. >> this interview is over. documents show the home improvement commission is launching an investigation after receiving eight complaints. state law requires contractors to be licensed read in march, the commission sent deck daddy a cease and desist order for advertising without a license. and these contracts list a
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license number belonging to a different company. >> in a statement, he said he believes the company route too fast and some mistakes were made. he says they are working to make those mistakes right. bbb claims on the website have been taking -- have been taken down. half of the complaints received have been resolved. you can see his entire video statement online. for a time, deck daddy was an advertiser at wjla tv. >> thank you for that. you needve an issue resolved, contact 7 on your side. just send us an e-mail at another recall tonight and this one is from chrysler. it is issuing an alert for withy 800,000 jeeps issued an ignition switch, the same problem that forced gm to recall vehicles you will be notified by september. let's turn to the weather now.
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hot, humid, and worse tomorrow? >> cranked up the humidity again tomorrow and some thunderstorms. this time so bad around. our skies are beginning to clear out. d.c.,r to the sea -- to mainly clear skies right now. wind out of the south at nine miles per hour. 88 degrees was our high earlier in the day. we averaged 89. 103 back in 1926. the weatherbug network now at 77 degrees. 73 degrees in gaithersburg. our final stop takes us to upper marlboro, maryland. how at 73 degrees. temperatures holding in the lower to middle 70's. when chester at 77 degrees. if you are looking for that cooler air, head to the upper great lakes. we have a cold front on the way
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later this afternoon, likely to trigger some showers and thunderstorms. high pressure just off the coast. the keeps wind to the south and keeps us human. on the hot side for the day tomorrow. a few showers popped up well to the west of us earlier this evening. those have now moved out. we will stay dry or the rest of the overnight hours. scattered clouds on the way. here is the cold front tomorrow afternoon. watch this move on through. we have lower humidity doubles -- levels, but showers and thunderstorms might develop. we will see what happens on late thursday and into friday. dutiful weather across the mid-atlantic. temperatures will be a little bit below average for this time of year. for the overnight, partly cloudy, warm and muggy. for the day tomorrow, hot, humid , 88-93.
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your extended outlook shows temperatures cool down for the day on thursday. showers will move on out of here . friday and saturday will be the nicest but driest in terms of lower humidity levels. >> looks like a good weekend. thank you so much. >> does not sound like football weather. >> not at all. >> they are ready to go, the kids gathering for training camp. michael samp speaks out about tony dundee. and the nats hit a bumpy road against the ro
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it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> a great night for baseball as we close in on august and start to focus on the pennant races. the national started the night with a five-game winning streak over colorado. jordan zimmermann back on the hill after time off with a
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strained bicep. let's go to colorado. the nationals trailed 4-2 in the sixth inning. ryan zimmerman pulls his right hamstring right there, trying to beat it out. he stays down and had to lead the -- had to leave the game. not good. no update yet. they tied the score at 4-4. adam laroche gets all of rex brothers' fastball. get a new baseball, gone. the nats big the lead. that is where we stand right now, 7-4 in the bottom of the seven. let's go to atlanta, where the braves are chasing the nationals and needed to win to keep pace. this is jeff baker, hitting a single to score giancarlo stanton. miami holds off the braves, 6-5. the ap has come out with the nfl power ratings. the redskins are rated 23rd out of a 32-team national football
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league. training camps open this week. the redskins will start practicing 8:35 thursday morning. it has been an eventful off-season for the baltimore ravens. leave me, those guys are ready to put the pads back on and get to football. joe flacco will get a lot of attention during camp from the new offensive coordinator, who promises to make it exciting and fun. >> i think it will present new challenges. i think that always keeps you fresh and exciting. i do not know if fun is the word. it is always fun. you have got to keep it fun so you can come here every day and get better and learn. >> tony dundee has been spending the last 24 hours explaining what he actually said about michael sam and what he meant. meanwhile, sam, the first openly gay player on the nfl, is battling to get on the rams roster. he took time to comment.
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>> i have a great respect for coach dungy. everyone in america is entitled to their own opinions. >> for kevin love, he is still the talk of the nba. the cleveland cavaliers made a deal with the utah jazz to help the move for love. the chicago bulls are back in talks with the timberwolves to get love. there is still a bidding war going on there. we will keep you posted. >> they all make a lot of money. here is another question about that. how
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rex a man is accused of leaving ,is 98-year-old wheelchair-bound mother in the car outside a casino. that is a top trending story on nightmare. and steve's forecast. you can read all of those stories on four is released its list of the highest hollywood actors. robert downey jr. made $75 million between june of 2013 and june of 2014. most were for his role in the "iron man" and "the avengers" movies. the rock and bradley cooper
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round out the top three. if you want to see where your favorite actor
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>> a final look at the weather. >> we are looking at a warm, hot, and humid day tomorrow. middle to upper 90's with showers and thunderstorms in the day. look at the cooler air by thursday. oner 80's, low humidity friday. beautiful beach weather if you can get out early. saturday looks great. looking nice this weekend. a little bit hot though. >> the players will love it. >> the weekend looks great for the most p
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- john stamos, comedian todd glass, and music from ok go, with cleto and the cletones and now, ready or not, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. hi, everybody. thank you for coming to the show. thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ] i don't know -- i have no way of


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